Our campaign committee is comprised of parents, alumni, and teachers who are dedicated to preserving the tradition of educational excellence provided to generations of Fayetteville students.

Many Fayetteville School District alumni and parents of Fayetteville students attribute their successes to the solid education they or their children received while attending Fayetteville Public schools. In return, they feel it is important to give current and future Fayetteville students the same support they received.

Hannah & Greg Lee


Anne & Jack Butt

Honorary Chairs

Cambre Horne-Brooks

Executive Director

Carl Collier

Tim Stidham

Sterling Hamilton

Jeff Koenig

Mike Malone

Rhonda Moore

Treva Hamilton

Sara & Justin Eichmann

Molly & Coy Puryear

Laura & Brandon Cate

Christy & Terry Smith

Jennifer & Kenton Ross

Gina & Neal Pendergraft

Jeff & Lisa Gearhart

Melonie & Pierce Osborne

Melissa & Randy Werner

Nirmal & Cherie Kilambi

Mary Elizabeth & Conner Eldridge

Katy Nelson Ginder & Grant Ginder

Karen & Bruce Armstrong

Conner McNair

Faye Jones

Neil Shipley

Bill Maxey

Martha Sandven

John Brooks

George Shelton

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