Reaching New Heights

“We find ourselves at a transformational moment: the chance to set all children on a trajectory for success in school, in the workforce, and in life by profoundly supporting our Fayetteville Public Schools and ensuring that students graduate with more than a high school diploma.”

- Cambre Horne-Brooks, Executive Director

The Campaign

The Fayetteville Public Education Foundation is pleased to announce the Reaching New Heights Campaign led by Co-Chairs Greg and Hannah Lee and Honorary Chairs Jack and Anne Butt. The Campaign seeks to raise $3 million dollars to enlarge the endowment to achieve three ambitious goals for the long term support and success of our students and educators.



The Vision

The original journey for Reaching New Heights first began in 1992 when a group of dedicated Fayetteville alumni, parents, and community members had the vision to establish a structured endowment of donor funds to provide financial support for programs in the Fayetteville Public School District that extended beyond the confines of average classroom experiences. 

That early vision was further solidified by the Foundation board during a 2018 strategic planning retreat. The board identified a need and, thus, an opportunity to provide funds for more systemic, long-term projects designed by teachers.

Larger scale, effectual projects can provide a pathway of opportunity and ensure greater educational equity for all students. The board quickly faced the stark reality that, to do this, significant endowment growth is necessary. Without it, many ground-breaking ideas conceptualized by our educators would go unrealized, thus leaving many students without pivotal programs that can reshape a child’s trajectory and make a critical difference in the lives of all students. 

Fortunately, with the vision came the solution. The Reaching New Heights Campaign took flight in 2019 for a journey to take place through 2021. This intensive effort fuses the spirit of our past to the demands of the future.

The Priorities

The Reaching New Heights Campaign’s $3 Million dollar effort centers around three ambitious goals and priorities:

  • Early Education Fund - $1 Million to ensure children, regardless of family income, enter school ready to learn and succeed, and working families continue with gainful employment. Early education is a complex systemic issue that must be resolved at the state level. However, FPEF support will provide local leadership to guarantee resources that will prepare our pre-school students in the District. Click here to learn more! [leads to one/two page brief]


  • Employability Fund - $1 Million to ensure our students have an equitable opportunity to pursue a college degree or to guarantee students are “employable” and career-ready. Click here to learn more! [leads to one/two page brief]


  • Beyond the Classroom Fund - $1 Million to ensure that all of our children, regardless of family income, have access to programs in and out of school that go above and beyond the normal classroom experience. This fund will empower academic achievement and cultivate a meaningful tapestry of knowledge and a variety of educational paths. Click here to learn more! [leads to one/two page brief]

The Outcome

Imagine making an investment that will ensure that public education in Fayetteville can better prosper, can expand the reach of instructional creativity, and can strengthen our students, educators, and community for the world ahead. Imagine outcomes that include academic equity and achievement, increased graduation rates, greater likelihood of continuing postgraduate education, higher rates of employment and income, and development of workforce and life skills that can lead to greater success for all children. We know that programs like those above can help bridge the achievement gap. Imagine making an investment that can help secure a successful future for countless young people.

Reaching New Heights...Together

We invite you to join us...YOUR gift to the Foundation sends a powerful message of support to our public school community. That community is thriving because of the enduring commitment to public education made by people like YOU; alumni, parents, and community members. Fayetteville’s culture of generosity has allowed the Foundation to offer students the best educational experiences possible. Gifts that grow this second phase of our endowment amplify that success for generations, making an impact on the Fayetteville Public School District that will live forever in the accomplishments of our students. That’s why we need YOU.

  Reaching New Heights Committee

Hannah & Greg Lee


Anne & Jack Butt

Honorary Chairs

Cambre Horne-Brooks

Executive Director

Bill Rogers

Campaign Fundraiser

Carl Collier

Tim Stidham

Sterling Hamilton

Jeff Koenig

Mike Malone

Rhonda Moore

Treva Hamilton

Sara & Justin Eichmann

Molly & Coy Puryear

Laura & Brandon Cate

Christy & Terry Smith

Jennifer & Kenton Ross

Gina & Neal Pendergraft

Jeff & Lisa Gearhart

Melonie & Pierce Osborne

Melissa & Randy Werner

Nirmal & Cherie Kilambi

Mary Elizabeth & Conner Eldridge

Katy Nelson Ginder & Grant Ginder

Karen & Bruce Armstrong

Conner McNair

Faye Jones

Neil Shipley

Stuart Collier

Bill Maxey

Martha Sandven

John Brooks

George Shelton

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Cambre Horne-Brooks, Executive Director 


Bill Rogers, Reaching New Heights Campaign


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