Beyond the classroom

At-risk students have minimal access to cultural, enrichment, and after school programs due to economic limitations. For many students, public school is their only point of access.

The mere experience of these programs can be the keystone that changes a child's perspective on the world.

Research indicates that these programs dramatically change the course of a child’s academic success and can provide a pathway out of poverty.

students reached by summer mobile unit providing take home books
at-risk students enrolled in after school theatre program
after school clubs with enrichment, soft skills, leadership and community service
students access overnight field trips to the Ozark Natural Science Center

Gifts are invested in the FPEF endowment. The endowment's principal is never spent; only the income is used to support the Beyond the Classroom Fund, guaranteeing that teachers and students will reap the value of your gift in perpetuity. The Beyond the Classroom Fund will be distributed annually to support a number of activities such as:

Day trips to explore the arts and culture in NWA, leadership development, or the exploration of the Ozarks and outdoors.

Accessible summer opportunities for needs-based students to attend local camps and school camps to study engineering, business, creative writing, and agriculture.

Travel stipends for students, groups, and classes to go to competitions, conferences, and college tours.

On-campus after-school enrichment programs such as fly-fishing, sewing, theatre, robotics, rocketry, gardening, coding, filmmaking, cooking, ceramics, to name a few.

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